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The Best Immune System Boosters

Philip McEvilly

How can an ancient health recipe improve our modern lives? Discover the natural and organic power of Pure Immune! Made in the USA with All-Natural, Vegan, Certified Organic ingredients, it's every day immune health for those who want a healthier alternative than the usual stuff at the drugstore.  We believe the best immune system boosters are still found in nature. Pure Immune is made with 7 herbal ingredients that support the immune function by aiding digestion, and reducing muscle stress and fatigue. It's an ancient formula typically taken as a tea in Asia, but updated with our state-of-the-art manufacturing and Certified Organic ingredients in the USA.  We...

What happened to the Pure Immune 90-capsule bottle?

Philip McEvilly

Dear Customers, I've received emails and feedback from many of you, who have been wondering what happened to our 90-capsule bottle in Whole Foods! Well, the short version of the story is that our ingredient costs went up over 150% in 2014, due to many factors, the biggest one being severely reduced supply of Organic American Ginseng from the US. We talked it over with our major retailer (Whole Foods), and decided that instead of doubling our price, we would move to a smaller bottle size, and increase price per capsule 30-40%. This resulted in our beautiful new 30-capsule bottle. While nobody likes a...

Upcoming Demos

Philip McEvilly

    Come meet us at Whole Foods! We're always planning new demos at Whole Foods, so check back here often for our latest updates.