What happened to the Pure Immune 90-capsule bottle?

Philip McEvilly

Dear Customers,

I've received emails and feedback from many of you, who have been wondering what happened to our 90-capsule bottle in Whole Foods!

Well, the short version of the story is that our ingredient costs went up over 150% in 2014, due to many factors, the biggest one being severely reduced supply of Organic American Ginseng from the US. We talked it over with our major retailer (Whole Foods), and decided that instead of doubling our price, we would move to a smaller bottle size, and increase price per capsule 30-40%. This resulted in our beautiful new 30-capsule bottle.

While nobody likes a price increase like that, please know that we are sharing the cost increase as much as possible with you, and maintaining the integrity of our US Organic Ginseng supply, so we ask for your understanding. On the bright side, we've improved the product further by making it entirely vegan, and the product is much more transportable!

As always, I appreciate your feedback, and thanks so much for your support!

Philip McEvilly, Managing Director of Operations

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